86- Eighty Six Vladlena·Milizé、Владилена·Миризе Anime Dakimakura Pillow Cover 21429

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Now: $26.99

  • Dakimakura Hugging Body Pillow Case
  • Dimension: 34cm x 100 , 50cm x 150cm , 50 x 160cm , 60 x 180 cm
  • Four Fabrics to Choose From (Peach Skin, Smooth Knit, Natural Velvet, 2Way Tricot , Upgraded 2Way Tricot)
  • Note: Pillow Cover only - Please buy Inner Pillow Sold Separately here

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Dakimakura Kit - Essentials

  1. High Quality Inner Pillow For this anime dakimakura pillow cover
  2. Simple Pillow Cover Protective Case Cleaning Kit, Add This to the Bundle.
  3. 3D Breast and buttocks Kit make body pillow as your soulmate.

Bilianime Dakimakura pillow Case Fabric

1.Upgraded 2way Tricot

Composition: Spandex 18% Polyester 82%

This is God among Gods!Developed by famous Tokyo Dakimakura Compay A&J.It has the best picture quality silk skin touch!

2.2way Tricot

Composition: Spandex 15% Polyester 85%

2way Tricot is widely as the best dakimakura fabric there is,because of its texture,durability and feel.The Tricot fabric produced 

is wrinkle free and elastic in nature.

3.Natural Velvet

Quite smooth and natural,give you a distinctive feel in Fall & Winter.It is more of a plush fabric so it is less durable.Beter to Wash

by hand,feel soft and warm.Downside is the picture quality which isn't asdefined as other fabric due to the nature of velvet.

4.Smooth Knit

If you want your dakimakura to be silky and soft.It's better to choose SK.It's a kind of one-way stretch fabric,doesn't rip or fade.

5.Peach Skin

Peach Skin is the best dakimakura fabric for first time buyers as it is very durable.It is not the best in terms of comfort though?

It also looks as lovely asit feels.It also gives the exact feel of a smooth peach fruit and it is very comfy.